Offer a video, advanced subscriptions, Mailchimp and


Kinow offers new features for your VOD platforms: better ergonomics, simplification and performance monitoring of your customer database.

Offer a video to a friend

This new feature allows your customers to buy a movie or subscription and give it to a friend. If the customer wishes to celebrate a birthday, a special event or just to please, he can send a personalized message and the recipient will receive a code by email giving him access to a video or subscription (SVOD).

Suggest flexibility in subscriptions

From now your customers can upgrade their subscriptions formula by switching from a 30-day offer to a 90-day offer or to a lower one. They will also be able to select a different method of payment.

Get the module

For even more ease of payment, we have set up a new module called «». Its main advantage is to accept credit card and electronic checks in a quick and cost-effective manner. Learn more on :

Sign in with MailChimp

Mailchimp is a powerful mailing tool that allows you to send your newsletter to your subscriber databases. By using Kinow, you can now synchronize your MailChimp mailing list with the client accounts registered on your VOD platform.

No special handling required. With this connector, as soon as a customer registers to watch a movie or take a video subscription, his contact will be automatically transferred to your MailChimp database.

Get real-time video statistics

Thanks to this new tool, you will be able to understand your customers, to evaluate and to know the viewing time of each video and more statistics like how many views for this video? What was the viewing time? At what time did this user watch the video? From which country?

All these informations will allow you to calculate the income of the right holders and rearrange your catalog by putting the most watched videos forward and remove the one that have been less viewed.
Above all, you will be able to evaluate the time of viewing of each video to calculate the income of the right holders.

Suggest resuming playback

From now on, if your client has to interrupt his movie, he may resume reading when he returns to your platform at the point where he stopped. He will be able to find the complete history of the views of his videos in his member zone.