OPSIS platform evolves with Kinow streaming solution!


HDP Interactive, editor of thematic SVOD services, collaborates with Kinow via OPSIS in order to develop its streaming platform.

Originally specialized in the broadcasting of theater plays, the company nicknamed the "Netflix of Theater'' now offers a newly enriched catalog to extend its offer to the world of documentaries and short films!

OPSIS, a new vision of the entertainment world

The HDP Interactive teams were looking for a solution capable of gathering all their contents on a single streaming site. Because art forms are numerous, discover the OPSIS platform: a complete offer to marvel at theater plays but also documentaries or short films. Regardless of the work type, topics may also vary: love stories , subjects related to our society, daily life, etc.

The subscription costs 5,99€ / month with a 7-day trial period commitment-free. It can be extended to a quarter or a year. You can also offer a subscription to a third party so they can discover a wide variety of content. Note that OPSIS proposes both a TVOD and SVOD offer.

Thanks to OPSIS, you can also access incredible theater masterclasses and meet actors who have come to speak about a given theme. Finally, a weekly selection with the best of each category is also suggested to you.

Kinow, a specialized and powerful streaming solution

HDP Interactive has chosen to work with Kinow to develop OPSIS. The reason? Originally, there was only an OPSIS TV platform, with a catalog of theater plays. When the teams decided to add additional offers around documentaries and short films (Docs TV and Kour TV), they had to find a technical partner to gather the three offers into a single streaming site. In addition, we facilitated the migration of the previous OPSIS TV content and subscriptions (from their former technical provider) to the new platform so that the existing subscribers could also benefit from the entire new catalog.

The new identity of the streaming website helps to distinguish the different offers. Each category encapsulates a specific universe, with its own color code. The user journey is simpler and the platform more accessible to OPSIS subscribers.

Many projects are to come. For example, through a partnership with media libraries, the holders of a Pass Culture will soon be able to benefit from OPSIS content. The platform should also be soon available on cell phones (iOS and Android applications).

"We are delighted with the redesign of our OPSIS platform. The Kinow teams have accompanied us throughout the migration process from our previous technical provider to ensure a smooth transition for our users. Thanks to the work of our teams combined with the flexibility of Kinow solution, our OPSIS subscribers can now access an exceptional catalog of theater plays, documentaries and short films. We also wish to continue to offer them more and more live events."
Yann CHATELLIER - COO of HDP Interactive
"Kinow is thrilled to support HDP Interactive in this new expansion stage: the platform offers various catalogs on a single platform for a unique and totally optimized user experience."
Pierre ANTOINE - Co-founder of Kinow

OPSIS, which was already a wonderful platform dedicated to live performances, has received a new impulse. It has developed its offer and revamped its visual identity. Everything is optimized to give you the best video streaming experience. Today it's OPSIS, tomorrow it could be you? Do not hesitate to contact our Kinow experts!


OPSIS is a service published by HDP Interactive, publisher of thematic SVOD services. Winner of the 2017 Audiens digital initiative award, the platform is now developing its catalog by proposing documentaries and short films in addition to live performances.