OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence: the future for telecom operators


Since the digital revolution and the Cloud, telecom operators are facing new demands from consumers. In response, key issues emerge such as OTT, Big Data and Business Intelligence. How to apprehend these new challenges? We bring you some answers.

The new challenges of telecoms

For a few years now, the environment in which telecom operators operate has profoundly  changed and continues to do so. The digitization of the economy has led to new modes of consumption.

Telecoms must ramp up, on one hand to provide high quality broadband connection and on the other hand to offer a real support to their users. To reach these goals, operators must rely on a diversification strategy and offer adapted services to respond to market demand.

Telecom operators should focus on the following issues:

- Offer a quality network (4G, 5G ...) at bargain rates

- Provide new services by positioning themselves on the Over The Top (OTT) market

- Improve customer knowledge to offer the best solution at the right time (churn anticipation, up-sell, cross-sell)

- Optimize operational efficiency (like call center costs)

- Using data while respecting privacy constraints, to enhance customer’s experience

The importance of Data

To meet these challenges and anticipate market demands, operators can turn to Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions, which have become fairly standardized but still little used by telecoms.

Collecting, analyzing customer data and decision-aiding tools are the watchwords for staying innovative while improving customer experience.

To provide a compelling solution to its users, an operator must have a global view of the customer journey: web browsing, downloads, missed calls but also on lines congestion and network performance.

It's all about identifying the most relevant information about user behavior to deliver quality service. Analytical solutions have a real impact on retention and churn and therefore on the income of operators.

By positioning itself on these solutions, telecom operators will benefit from technologies that can be rapidly adjusted to the needs of data collection, processing and analysis.

Betting on OTT solutions

The historical "triple play" formulas that include Internet, fixed telephony and the bouquet of the television channels are today competed by the major actors of the OTT which diffuse thousands of video contents: films, series, cartoons, TV programs etc., on demand.

Operators react by bringing "double play" offers that exclude the television channels package up to date, and / or by developing their OTT video-on-demand service, with their own catalog.

For this, “telcos look to be playing both sides of the business model by selling their traditional services to content owners and OTTs and also looking to become content owners and aggregators in their own right” as George Malim point out in his IBC’s article, How telcos are pushing into content.

Launching its own OTT and VOD service with a business model in SVOD, TVOD or AVOD, makes it possible to reach new audience through exclusive content.

As a result, more and more operators are completing their offer with an OTT video service focus on user experience thanks to Business Intelligence and data analysis tools. These features collect video-related viewing and sales data to provide key statistics.

Bestsellers, subscriptions, directors, categories or even subscriptions, orders, turnover... All this information and much more, will make you take the best marketing and content decisions for your business.

The challenge for operators today, is to focus on new high added value services that favors user experience to retain their subscriber base and conquer new generations. Generations that will become their future customers in this new economy on demand.

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