OTT platforms, a boost for your content strategy!


Streaming platforms are experiencing exponential success and they do not intend to stop there.

When we talk about an OTT (Over the top) platform, the first thing that comes to mind is usually “entertainment content”: movies, series, ... However, the streaming site is not the exclusivity of producers or distributors of the 7th art or even those of various sports.

“About 80% of marketers say that video content is becoming more important in the business world. »: according to CMI strategies.

We will therefore see together why an OTT platform must be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

The impact of video content in the transmission of a message

Video content has been in its prime for several years. It owes much of its popularity to its format, its accessibility, and the ease with which it conveys a message, when done in a clear and concise manner. Studies conducted by Statista (2019) show that nearly 56% of French people follow videos at least once a month.

Indeed, people prefer more videos and not only the funny ones.
According to Wyzowl (2020):

  • 86% of consumers want more video content about the companies and brands they are loyal to.
  • And 89% of marketing managers who use videos are satisfied with the return on investment (ROI) they get from it.

The video synthesizes the information in such a way that we can understand it more easily than if it were a text. It allows you to convey emotions and capture the attention of the person looking at it.

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In addition, note that the video is more easily memorized. An excellent quality video that passes on a relevant idea can very quickly become viral on the web (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). It is therefore the perfect medium for transmitting a message or ideas.

Integrating a streaming platform into your marketing strategy

Launching a streaming or VOD platform for your business is now particularly important. Since we are talking about the streaming platform in the marketing strategy, we will focus on the one dedicated to customers.

You can have a VOD platform for professional customers (B2B) or individuals (B2C). Depending on the target, professionals or the public, the content and objectives of the video are not identical.

Concerning the public, the objective can be to solidify the commitment of consumers or to reinforce its brand image or even to trigger the purchase decision, etc.

And for professionals, this can be to offer value-added videos for your target or demonstrate your expertise in the business sector, etc.

Let us not forget that the content is adapted not only according to the clientele, but also to the objectives pursued, so we pay attention to the place of production of our video (setting), the tone used to convey the message...

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Some benefits of integrating the streaming platform into the marketing strategy

The expansion of streaming platforms requires adaptation from marketing professionals. Neglecting this lever in your marketing strategy can be detrimental. Among the benefits of having an OTT platform as a marketing tool, we mention:

A CRM rich in user data: unlike other tools such as Facebook, YouTube, etc., you have control over all the data (your audience's email addresses, information on their activities on the platform, etc.). The processing of this data allows you to know who follows your content, who is the most engaged, loyal...

• A stronger engagement of your users: video content allows you to engage a user long enough on your platform and to better understand your message. The more a user is exposed to your brand, the easier it is to convert him into a customer.

Strengthening the relationship of customers with your brand: major brands are those that have managed to build a strong brand image and a certain affinity with their customers. That is why it is important for a company to create highly engaging and moving content that connects them to their customers.

• Optimization of the customer experience: offering free content on your products or services allows your users to have the necessary information on them and promotes the act of purchase. It also makes it possible to improve after-sales service as there is very quick access to explicit information on the platform.

• Triggering the purchase decision: video plays a significant role in the purchase decision. According to Wyzowl, 8 out of 10 users have purchased software or an application after watching a brand video. Thus, thanks to value-added and exceptionally excellent quality videos available on your streaming site, you can increase your sales.

So ?

Integrating a streaming platform into your marketing strategy has several advantages. It reinforces your sales cycle, your brand image and guarantees you a strongly committed community. However, very few companies have already implemented it.

Choosing the solution and the partner that will help you launch your streaming platform is essential. We believe that with the complete and turnkey solution, Bee propelled by Kinow, we have the necessary expertise to support you in your project.

We have accompanied Brault & Bouthillier, Decathlon and many others. So do not hesitate to contact us!