Oubuster, the on demand cinema: interview with the founder !


Discover the Interview with Etienne Metras, previously working for MyTf1 VOD and founder of Outbuster, a new on demand movie platform (VOD/SVOD) created by Kinow.

Outbuster is an online platform which has developed its originality and singularity thanks to a selection of unreleased films. Those movies are recommended through word-of mouth.


Just like in your cinemas, see you every wednesday on www.outbuster.com to discover new movies!

How did the Outbuster project start out?

Outbuster responds to the finding that many good movies never arrived to the audience by traditional content delivery networks (movie-theater, video, TV). Cinemas cannot be the only places where you can watch unreleased and quality films even more in a context where all countries are today able to produce quality cinema and where the word of mouth has no border. You just have to check the communities of movie fans: lots of films are plebiscited but haven't find any distributors.

OUTBUSTER wants to respond to that demand … Why should we settle for americans blockbusters, french comedies or prestigious film d'auteur when there are so much more to explore? Before, the only way to discover those films outside of the classical channel with a true popular potential was the hacking of rubbish files with no subtitles. 

From now on, you should go on Outbuster ! 

What makes your platform different or unique ? How do you position your self regarding Netflix or Canalplay for example? 

Our goal is to reproduce the movie-theater experience online: we are an on demand cinema platform, not a video one !

First, we will only offer unreleased films in preview. Then, what make us different is their weekly programming and the possibility to choose between an on demand video or to take a subscription. Finally, ou recommandations are still based on word of mouth, thanks to our partner Senscritique
On Outbuster you will not find expert recommendations, those bought by the marketing or coming from completely disconnected talents.

What kind of movies can we watch in streaming?

I repeat: we are nothing else than a cinema in which the halls are accessible to more than 20 millions connected households. Our programmings is therefore as diverse as a cinema... But we give priority to the discovery of accessible films which cannot get to the "physicall" movie-theater for wrong reasons: no bankable cast, no "big name" behind the camera or a not good origin of production.

On Outbuster, there will not be what you are used to seeing in movie-theater but we guarantee that our films are recommended by the connected communities. You will not know exactly what you will see (because we are not going to drop 25 teasers and 50 posters to make it public) but you will be aware that others like you have seen the films and taken them right in the face !

Be ready to travel !


Why did you choose Kinow for your VOD platform?

For the affordable cost, the good technical approach, the flexibility and the personalized support. We needed to rapidly deploy and to quickly evolve in a fast reliable technical environment.
For the moment, we are absolutely thrilled of our choice to work with Kinow! The feedback on the Outbuster prototype are very positive!

Any suggestion for a movie?

Brazilian Western, Love steaks, The grand heist... There are so many it is hard to name them!
Personnaly, I would advise you: Being Good, a japanese film illustrate by humanity, tenderness and humility. A beautiful and overwhelming movie!

Thank you very much for your time Etienne!