Outbuster chooses Kinow to deploy its on demand cinema platform !


Outbuster, an on demand cinema platform available on all screens since 15 june 2015, trust Kinow to create its new ecommerce VOD and SVOD platform.

Conceived by Etienne Metras, a former myTF1VOD member, this new service is a virtual cinema reproducing the experience of cinemas in digital and offering exclusively films that are being shown for the first time in France.

Unseen films, visible nowhere else

Outbuster was born out of the realization that many good films never reached their audience through traditional distribution networks. The platform has developed its originality and uniqueness thanks to an offer of new films that did not have the chance or the possibility to reach traditional distribution networks in France. It is intended to be complementary to cinemas: no American blockbusters, no French comedies or films by prestigious authors, but Japanese drama, Danish comedy... In addition to offering novelty and exclusivity, Outbuster selects its films by focusing mainly on recommendations from communities connected via their partner SensCritique and using the ratings from IMDb (online database on world cinema), which must be higher than 6 out of 10 to be interested.

A mature and customised platform of films available in VOD or SVOD

Thanks to the Kinow e-commerce solution, Outbuster offers mixed access to the films: 3€ per screening or 9€/month via a subscription. The Outbuster platform has been custom-designed to meet the technical and ergonomic requirements of the VOD field. Kinow now provides hosting and daily maintenance of the VOD platform to ensure a continuous service for end customers. Outbuster's graphic identity has been fully integrated into their online store by Kinow.

Outbuster founder Etienne Metras is delighted with this agreement:
"I chose the Kinow solution for its cost, the technical mastery of the basic VOD functionalities and the flexibility in support! We needed to deploy quickly and then evolve even faster in a reliable and reactive technical environment".

About Outbuster

Outbuster is an on-demand cinema portal dedicated to those nuggets from around the world that never make it to your theaters. www.outbuster.com