Pitchoun, the streaming platform for kids by Kinow


Who said streaming is only for adults? With the right content, children can also enjoy live channels and video on demand.

Do you have a nice video project? Whatever your target, take the next step and launch your own streaming platform! Bee propelled by Kinow is a powerful OTT solution, easy to use, and deployable in a record time. Whether you are a content producer or distributor, a media, an actor in the sports or events industry etc., we will be able to accompany you. Today, discover why PITCHOUN MEDIAS has chosen Bee streaming solution.

Learning while having fun with MyPitchoun

Created in 2016, PITCHOUN MEDIAS is an independent 360° media group. Today, it is the first multimedia group aimed at children and families with a musical and educational theme. Its objective is to distribute edutainment content. With a priority target audience of 3-10-year-olds, PITCHOUN MÉDIAS has four areas of activity: an events service, television channels, a radio station and a streaming platform. PITCHOUN MEDIAS content is fun, educational and sometimes musical. For television, PITCHOUN MÉDIAS produces columns, pastilles and various features. Among these programs, there are two flagship programs: the Club des Pitchouns (a program during which the teams set up a real TV set in a place to be discovered by families) and Paris Chocolat Show (a morning program broadcasted on TV Pitchoun Paris Île-de-France). PITCHOUN MEDIAS also has its own radio station, and recently, the group's teams also decided to launch their own streaming platform: Pitchoun.

Pitchoun is a complete media offering for children. It includes adapted and diversified content. The programs are offered by age groups between 3 and 10 years old. Three keywords summerize the secret formula of Pitchoun's success: discovering (for example animal documentaries), learning (children can learn English thanks to a specialized program), but also having fun (with a catalog of cartoons). Users can access the content through two types of subscription: MyPitchoun and MyPitchoun+. Both are accessible on PC and via an iOS and Android mobile application. While MyPitchoun is exclusively an unlimited, ad-free VOD offering, MyPitchoun+ offers a more complete catalog with also a live channel (TV channels that the group also broadcasts outside this  platform), podcasts, and a webradio.

Create a streaming website with Bee

PITCHOUN MEDIAS chose Bee to realize its project of streaming platform. For the group, it was important to use a “made in France” solution. Moreover, thanks to the features of the Bee, the PITCHOUN MEDIAS teams have benefited from powerful APIs to link the "front" of the platform to the Bee solution. In fact, they chose to develop a specific front-end which is now linked to the player and to the whole back-office of the Bee solution. The Kinow teams have been very present throughout the project, in particular to help  the group understand how to use these APIs.

Pitchoun is a very beautiful platform and it still reserves many surprises. Indeed, PITCHOUN MEDIAS has the ambition to adapt certain contents in other languages and to deploy internationally. This would concern many European countries, but also Africa and why not the United States! In addition, the PITCHOUN MEDIAS teams are very interested in the audio possibilities that   Bee solution offers. A deployment is underway so that the media group can host audio content (including podcasts) directly on Bee. Streaming is at the heart of PITCHOUN MEDIAS projects and we will be there to help them continue to grow.

"The Bee solution seemed to us the ideal choice to launch our streaming website. We wanted a French solution, powerful, able to answer our needs in a fast time. The Kinow teams were very available; they accompanied us well throughout the project. We are going to continue our collaboration and wish to make Pitchoun a reference streaming site for children's programs."
Frédéric Andrieux - General Secretary, PITCHOUN MEDIAS
"The children's content market has been growing for several years. With the support of our Bee solution, Pitchoun proposes a complete and diversified offer for children from 3 to 10 years old . The PITCHOUN MEDIAS teams needed a partner capable of understanding their needs and accompanying them, but also of advanced functionalities in order to carry out their project as soon as possible. Today, we are looking forward to continuing this great project, especially around the audio format and probably with an international deployment."
Pierre ANTOINE - Director of the Kinow Business Unit, Alpha Networks Group

Pitchoun is a recreational and educational streaming platform designed to awaken children (even if it sometimes also appeals to parents). At the initiative of this project, PITCHOUN MÉDIAS, the first plurimedia group for children and family; with musical and educational themes. With the support of the Kinow teams and thanks to the Bee solution, Pitchoun is a new great reference in streaming for children. If you want more information on this case study or on our solution, do not hesitate to contact our teams.


PITCHOUN MÉDIAS is an independent 360° media group created in 2016 by Laurent Brochet. The company develops and distributes edutainment content suitable for children (and embraced by parents). Recently, the group launched its Pitchoun streaming platform with two subscriptions MyPitchoun and MyPitchoun+. Discover Pitchoun.