PLAY ATLAS: Sony movies and Moroccan VOD service with Kinow


You want to collaborate with big studios and create a streaming platform with unreleased movies, or just released? Whatever the country, Kinow's solution will be able to support your project.

Discover today PLAY ATLAS success story: a Moroccan streaming website that broadcasts Sony movies, just after their release.

Create a premium streaming website with the latest releases

According to a study conducted by Television Business International, Netflix expects to have 770,000 subscribers by 2025 in Morocco. Indeed, if we analyze the MENA region, Morocco is the third in the list of countries that uses the platform the most. In this context and with a strong demand, CHRYSALIS FILMS, film distributor in France for over ten years, has chosen to launch its own VOD service: PLAY ATLAS. The platform offers the most beautiful works of Moroccan and foreign cinema, but especially great Hollywood blockbusters thanks to a partnership with Sony.

In Morocco, the VOD market is mainly occupied by SVOD. In this, PLAY ATLAS has chosen to stand out from its competitors as it is one of the few TVOD services in Morocco. In its catalog, PLAY ATLAS has taken care to meet each of the needs of its target: whether to have thrills, experience the excitement of adventure or share moments of laughter and relaxation, users have the choice. As mentioned earlier, users can choose from a large catalog of Sony movies, just a few months after their release and without a subscription. For new releases (films released in theaters less than 6 months ago), the rental cost is 35 dirhams (per work). For the rest of films (released in theaters more than 6 months ago), the rental cost is 25 dirhams (per film). A great way to discover local movies that are very popular with the general public, all the classics that make the reputation of foreign cinema, and the great successes of the American box office.

One of the special features of the platform is the recommendation of the most popular films. Indeed, these are highlighted according to the number of viewings on PLAY ATLAS. In addition, after watching a movie, users can access detailed information about the cast: from Charlize Theron to Johnny Depp, the site offers short biographies in the section "our actors".

Film protection and local payment system

Today, CHRYSALIS FILMS’ main partner is Sony: one of the largest film production studios in the world. This collaboration with Sony implies for CHRYSALIS FILMS to respect a certain number of protocols in order to protect the films. In fact, to overcome the frequent piracy of online films, the French film distributor uses the Hollywood DRM proposed by Kinow. An essential element to ensure the protection of the films on PLAY ATLAS and to propose a premium offer to the users. Moreover, the watch folder configuration from which the platform benefits, allows a massive upload of the video content.

Regarding the means of payment, Paypal and Stripe are not accepted in Morocco. CHRYSALIS FILMS has therefore collaborated with Sanoa Media in order to benefit from the integration of local payment methods thanks to the CMI (Centre Monétique Interbancaire). The CMI aims to offer tailor-made payment solutions; adapted to multiple sectors of activity. It accompanies electronic money development and exchange. Rest assured, this is a technology that benefits from high security on an international scale. In order to allow PLAY ATLAS users to pay in local currency, Kinow solution proposes the dirham as one of the currencies available from its back-office.

"We strive to provide the right answers to each of our clients' projects around the world. The PLAY ATLAS VOD platform is a great example of success in the MENA region. It is the second major platform we have deployed in the Moroccan market. Together, we have been able to meet various challenges: enhanced film protection to meet the requirements of Sony studios and the integration of a payment system specific to Morocco, and this within a short time-to-market and a competitive budget."
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

Today, many entities decide to create their own streaming website. Facing the competition, it is important to build a unique offer, able to conquer a market and a specific target. Thanks to our expertise and to the whole of our Kinow features, we give you all the necessary tools to reach your audience. If you want to know more about our solution, our experience in the MENA zone, or if you want to exchange with our experts, contact us.

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Since its creation in 2008, CHRYSALIS FILMS, producer and distributor of French films for more than ten years, has had the ambition to seduce a public in love with cinema. Pierre-François BERNET, founder and president, launches the deployment of a streaming platform dedicated to Moroccan masterpieces but especially to great American films. Discover PLAY ATLAS.