Prepayment feature


Kinow’s solution offers various means of monetization for your different business models (SVOD, TVOD and AVOD). In addition to direct payment by bank card (such as Stripe, SecurionPay, Paypal or Mollie solutions, etc.) we recently added prepayment, which allows recharging of prepaid accounts.

Prepayment is an effective way to retain your users with attractive offers and ensure you a cash advance. Some explanations of this new feature in this article.

Prepaid accounts

This feature allows you to manage prepaid accounts that can be credited in two ways: in currency (euros, dollars, yen, etc.) and in video credits.

The administration panel interface tracks the transaction history of each customer and the current balance for each customer account, with the ability to manually credit or debit an account.

You can also create prepayment bonus rules: when a user buys a subscription, you can automatically credit his customer account with a certain amount of credits.

Prepayment specific feature

After activating the prepayment payment method on your service, you can configure it in different ways.

Negative balance:

It authorizes the payment of an order even if the balance of the prepaid account is not sufficient. You are free to choose the maximum negative balance authorized to pay for an order.

Prepayment packages:

You are free to create as many refill packages as wanted. The chosen amounts will be credited to the prepayment balance after purchasing the package. Prepayment packages can be proposed in two ways, either in currency or in video credit.

Here an example made in the admin panel of three differents prepayment packages in currency with a value of 10€, 20€ and 50€:

Prepayment bonus:

It is possible to associate a bonus following the purchase of a subscription.

For example, the user purchases an  annual subscription and receives a bonus of 12 credits as a gift.

This functionality is available with our APIs.

To discover this feature in video:

If you want to create a video platform, while being flexible on the business model and the means of payment available to your users, contact Kinow!