Screening Room: exclusive access for privileged users


The Screening Room is a BtoB platform that allows you to restrict content access to certain "privileged" users. In this article, you will find the particularities of such a platform as well as the developments made by Kinow.

1. Particularities of a Screening Room platform

The Screening Room is a BtoB platform that allows you to restrict content access to certain "privileged" users.

Some examples:

  • Video content holders can restrict access to a film catalog and give it only to a jury of filmmakers as part of a festival or for "preview" releases.

  • This type of platform also meets the needs of distributors and journalists  in order to retrieve video content to use it in their respective media

Finally, these users can  benefit from private access or projection.

2. Technical development for the festivals Les Magritte du cinéma and FilmPraïs

FilmPraïs and Les Magritte du cinéma platforms, highlight independent films made by Luxembourgish or Belgian filmmakers, or those currently in international co-production.


UniversCiné Belgium wished  to offer FilmPraïs a Screening Room for 6 months with annual recurrence. The need is to provide private access to film catalogues for the jury members.

To address this issue, Kinow has developed a solution to promote film productions for the jury of this festival. Thanks to Kinow's customizable template, the solution could be customized with its own colors, logo, and allows access to content strictly reserved for members of the various juries and a catalogue viewing in high definition.

Les Magritte du cinéma

For Les Magritte du cinéma, Kinow has specially developed a feature to block access to the site with a connection request, which restricts the display of the site to identified  people only. The site will systematically redirect to the identification form, so it is no longer possible to browse it without being logged in.

More  specifically, to access the Screening Room, you will be able to identify yourself after receiving an email with the connection URL as well as your login and password previously created manually by the platform manager.

A second feature has been created, allowing you not to display the registration form on the website's identification page. Thus, creating an account will not be possible, allowing only people who already have private access to log in to view the content.

In addition, films are protected by a digital watermark which makes it possible to add copyright information. The user’s ID and name are displayed above the player, thereby limiting hacking. For Les Magrittes du cinéma, Kinow has added a feature to increase the size of the watermark  as well as the ability to choose its position within the video player (top, bottom, right left).

To learn more about these platforms, you can consult our use case.

3. New use of the Screening Room: content transfer

A revolutionary way to use the Screening Room is to bring together communities of independent film and content creators. For example, the platform:, which brings together filmmakers who share their video content, exchange ideas and give their collaborative opinions via the platform. The goal is to create  a dynamic interaction/synergy and a sustainable environment within the community.

Another use of Screening Room platforms is to provide private BtoB access to facilitate content transfer.

For example:

  • An industrial company that would like to give its employees access to video training

  • A content exchange between film producers and distributors

  • Distributors giving access to their content on a dedicated platform

If you would like to launch your own Screening Room platform, please do not hesitate to contact us!