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Are you a sports fan? Can you easily find all the interviews and videos related to the sport you love? We are supposed to find everything on the Internet but very often content is spread.

Upskill Handball uses Bee propelled by Kinow streaming solution to offer all the sports content that handball fans are waiting for. Today we present a VOD platform that breaks the codes, doesn't broadcast matches, and offers a complete handball catalog, an optimal user experience and a worldwide offer. Together, let's have a look back at the Upskill Handball use case.

Create a streaming platform for handball fans

Roman Kuzminac, sports agent and actual president of Upskill Handball, made an observation: there is very little content about handball, and yet to find it, fans have to consult several websites. Starting from this observation, he decided to create Upskill Handball, a VOD website dedicated to all handball fans. The project evolved very quickly: the Upskill Handball teams chose Bee propelled by Kinow OTT solution and, in only three months, the platform was created.

Launched mid-June, Upskill Handball is available worldwide. Many regions of the world are interested in handball: Western Europe, Balkans, Scandinavia, Latin America, etc. For Roman and his teams, the goal was to create an international VOD platform, for all fans. Similarly, the proposed content covers all types of professional teams; all divisions and all countries included. Today the interface is available in French and English. Moreover, thanks to the flexibility of Bee propelled by Kinow solution, the Upskill Handball teams can add videos in all languages (French, Arabic, Spanish, Norwegian, etc.) and integrate subtitles very easily (currently the subtitles are proposed in French, English and Spanish).

Upskill Handball is an SVOD platform (Subscription Video-On-Demand) that works by subscription. Two formulas are proposed: a monthly subscription and an annual subscription. In parallel, the Upskill Handball teams have chosen to propose personalized offers to the clubs. In fact, if a club wishes to offer subscriptions to its members or employees, it can access a quote request form directly from the platform.

Differentiate yourself with a sports VOD service without matches

Upskill Handball doesn't broadcast matches. However, Roman and his teams have created a unique international VOD offer; designed to meet the needs of all handball fans, everywhere in the world. How does it differ from its competitors? First of all, it offers new content. Indeed, the Upskill Handball teams don't just gather content together, they create it. The videos proposed on the platform are 90% produced by Upskill Handball.

The VOD website also distinguishes itself by the different content categories offered: interviews, tactical analysis, documentaries, flash formats (category "Upskill Express"), professional advices (section "Take it From The Pros") or explanatory videos to better understand handball (category “Handball for the dummy”). The Upskill Handball teams have chosen to vary the tone and the types of content: on one hand, there are very technical videos, such as match analysis, and on the other hand, funny videos like the ones in the section "Handball for the dummy". Moreover, the platform could soon offer live broadcasts.

Finally, Upskill Handball stands out by the attention paid to the user experience and especially thanks to multi-screen. Indeed, beyond the web version of the platform, we have collaborated to create an iOS and Android mobile application. For Roman and his teams, this goes hand in hand with the platform's positioning: offer quality handball content that is easily accessible by all.

"Bee propelled by Kinow solution is complete and perfectly adaptable. It allowed us to create a very diversified catalog and an international offer in record time. We recommend it if, like us, you want to distinguish and position yourself quickly on a highly competitive market, in the sports field or anywhere else."
Roman KUZMINAC - President, Upskill Handball
"In the sports sector, streaming is widespread. However, VOD offers are often isolated, associated to a team or to specific matches. Upskill Handball has been able to fully use all the features of Bee propelled by Kinow solution to create a unique streaming platform. It covers handball on an international scale and offers its contents everywhere in the world, in accordance with the expectations of all handball fans."
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

The sports industry, and in particular the sports streaming market, is subject to strong competition. There are many VOD offers and it is important to stand out. With Bee propelled by Kinow, you have access to a turnkey solution, advanced features, and you benefit from all our expertise to create and optimize your streaming offer. As Upskill Handball, don't wait no more to reach your target and conquer your market. Please contact us if you want to know more about the Upskill Handball project, if you have any questions about our streaming solution, or if you want to start talking with our experts.

About Upskill Handball

Upskill Handball is a streaming platform dedicated to handball. It was launched in mid-June 2022 and it is aimed at all handball fans, everywhere in the world. Professional teams and players from all over the world are present on the platform, through very different formats: interviews, documentaries, match analysis, etc. The platform is subscription-based: users can choose a monthly subscription (4,99 euros) or annual subscription (49,99 euros). Discover Upskill Handball.