SVEVID propels its streaming platform dedicated to the audiovisual heritage from countries in the ex-Yugoslavian region with Kinow


Mohikanac Production brings together film professionals, enthusiasts and visionaries around cinematic stories. The company launches SVEVID, the first video-on-demand platform dedicated to the promotion of the audiovisual heritage of the former Yugoslav countries.

In a booming SVOD market, SVEVID is one of those niche platforms offering atypical quality content accessible to the general public.

Their ambition is to become the place reference for films produced in this region. With already more than 1 500 users, the goal of reaching 5 000 users within a year seems to be on track!

Historical and educational streaming

The SVEVID platform invites you to explore more than eighty years of cultural heritage through a carefully selected catalog of digitally restored films in high resolution. It presents the best feature films, series and animated films from the region of former Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia.

SVEVID offers the best films and series from this region on a multilingual platform, available in English for all those who wish to enter the world of the former Yugoslavia and understand its cinematic history.

A catalog started with 160 films, including series, feature films and animated films, which will continue to be expanded to include more than 250 titles by the end of 2020, reaching up to 400 hours of viewing.

A fully customized platform thanks to a turnkey solution

The Kinow solution offers many functionalities and allows to create customized platforms!

The platform uses Kinow services in particular for video hosting, transcoding and broadcasting. The streaming site also offers different subscription types: monthly, half-yearly or yearly.

Free trial period, unlimited access to the catalog on three different devices or fluid playback with choice of video quality, everything is thought to best meet the needs of the end user.

The flexibility of the Kinow solution allows SVEVID to categorize its content by movies, TV shows or children's films. They have also been able to create subcategories by country, film type (documentaries, short films...), film genre (adventure, romance, action...) or decade (70s, 80s...) allowing their users to easily find the content that suits them.

Finally, the platform offers various means of payment, including Stripe and Paypal, two renowned actors in order to make secure payments by credit card, Visa, Mastercard, ...

About Kinow

Kinow provides a cloud solution to help media, broadcasters and distributors deploy and enhance their own live and on-demand streaming platform. Kinow is one of the most advanced OVP (Online Video Platform) on the market and brings together all the technologies needed to manage a free or paid OTT video service. Since its launch in 2015, Kinow has deployed nearly 300 platforms worldwide. A few examples of Kinow customers: the platforms Bref (short film), Tënk (documentary), LaCinetek (authors films) or the film distributors Shellac and Saje.

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