Tënk strengthens its collaboration with Kinow and creates a multi-country streaming site!


You would like to launch a streaming platform and you are looking for a solution able to support your current and future strategy with an international catalog, for a multi-country audience?

Let’s discover Tënk’s success story : a Kinow historical customer and the first SVOD documentary-dedicated platform.

Tënk, from their beginnings with Kinow...

Tënk is one of Kinow’s first customers. Our collaboration began back in 2016, when everything started for Tënk.

But, who is Tënk? At the origin of Tënk there are the “Etats généraux du film documentaire de Lussas”. A festival organized every year by producers, directors and technicians, who decided in 2016 to give a new dimension to their project: propose and distribute new documentary works via a unique online video platform.

Tënk teams were starting from scratch and we guided them for the launch of their Tënk platform in France. At this time, a first customized interface had been created with the agency 50A and the teams were using all Kinow features: security, catalog management, monetization systems, etc.

Quickly, Tënk became the first SVOD platform totally dedicated to author documentaries: growth of the subscriber base, international opening in Europe, then Canada, etc. The Tënk adventure continues and 2021 is a new turning point in the history of our collaboration.

... To the centralization of their European offer on a multi-country streaming site

So what happened in 2021? Tënk has just launched a new interface fully integrated to the Kinow solution via our Graph QL API! What does it change? By integrating Kinow APIs, the Tënk teams can fully customize and manage their editorial strategy in total autonomy. They can now propose a new design, with a new navigation experience. This, while benefiting from all the features and advantages of the Kinow solution.

And that's not all! It is not only about Tënk France but also Tënk Europe!

For Europe, Tënk video platform thus becomes a global site, with a multi-country catalog. The Kinow solution allows them to translate film descriptions, to account for different VAT rates and to manage their catalog according to each country (film availability depending on rights holders). A single platform, a single interface, for a European offer and a totally unified and optimized user experience.

For Canada, we worked with Tënk on a second platform. A different offer, on an independent platform, also supported by our Kinow streaming solution.

Film description in the Tënk streaming platform
"Kinow has accompanied us since the beginning of the Tënk adventure. Their solution, used for more than 5 years, is now at the heart of our growth and strategy in France and internationally. We are proud to propose our European offer on a single platform, supported by a Kinow back-end, for a unified and optimized user experience."
Mohamed R. Sifaoui - CEO of Tënk
"2021 corresponds to a new stage for Tënk and we are very happy to be by their side for this new phase of their development. The Tënk Europe offer is now based on a single platform, fully adapted to the users’ needs for an ever more unique experience. We are also proud to support Tënk overseas through their Tënk Canada platform."
Pierre ANTOINE - Co-founder of Kinow

Launching a video streaming platform can be complex and we know that any customer story, any customer feedback, can help you to concretize your project and to reach your objectives. If you want to know more and better understand how to create your own streaming platform with Kinow, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

About Tënk

Created in 2016 in Ardèche, Tënk is the SVOD platform dedicated to the documentary cinema of yesterday and today, available in Europe and Canada. As a cooperative (SCIC), the collective is at the heart of Tënk's project, so there are 20 passionate programmers composing a unique selection of rare titles, visible nowhere else.