The emergence of local content on OTT platforms


The growth of this type of content reflects a global trend toward diversity and cultural representation.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ have revolutionized the way we consume television and movies. In addition to large-scale original productions, these platforms have begun to focus on producing local content, especially local language TV series.

But video content is not only the prerogative of large groups, smaller platforms have launched into this type of content, proof that there is a real demand for more local content!

A new trend for streaming platforms?

There are several reasons for the development of regional content and the rise of local language series on streaming platforms.

  1. Cultural diversity: Streaming platforms seek to offer cultural diversity in order to attract a wider audience and stand out from the competition. Producing series in local languages allows them to showcase the unique cultures, stories and perspectives of different regions of the world.
  2. Global market: Streaming platforms operate in a global market and seek to reach as wide an audience as possible. Producing series in local languages allows them to attract viewers in regions where they have not yet established a strong presence. In addition, the competition for "generalist" content is so strong that the investment required to exist is a barrier to entry for many companies.
  3. Audience demand: Consumers want to see stories that are familiar to them and that reflect their culture. Local language series production meets this demand by presenting unique stories that are rooted in local culture and traditions.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Producing series in local languages can be more cost-effective for streaming platforms, as production costs are often lower than for large-scale productions. In addition, it can also help platforms avoid copyright issues that can arise when distributing foreign content.

The development of regional content and the rise of local language series on streaming platforms is the result of a combination of cultural, commercial and economic factors.

A bright future for local content on streaming platforms?

Local content will play an increasingly important role for streaming platforms. The demand for diverse stories that represent local cultures continues to grow, and streaming platforms are responding to this demand by investing in the production of local language series.

In addition, streaming platforms continue to expand globally, which means there will be more and more opportunities for local content creators to make their mark. Platforms may also be able to develop partnerships with local producers to help finance and produce local language series.

The use of technology to translate and subtitle local language series for international audiences is constantly evolving, opening up new opportunities for local series to gain global exposure.

Streaming platforms have an important role to play in cultural diversity and creative expression, and we will definitely see more and more regional series on them.

And BEE in all this?

We have developed a few platforms on our side that correspond to this new market. They are worth a look!

  • Guayaba, which has launched a new platform around Latin American cinema. Guayaba is a streaming service that highlights and facilitates access to Latin American cinema. It is aimed at a very wide target of enthusiasts since it offers its content in Latin America, North America, the Caribbean and Europe (partially). The platform works in TVOD and SVOD but the access modalities depend on the country. Discover the platform!
  • Little Bollywood, thanks to their success in their country of origin, India, Bollywood films also attract a large international audience. CINEOZ wanted to highlight this beautiful culture with a dedicated platform.
  • AFLAMIN, a VOD streaming platform that brings together Moroccan cinema and international auteur cinema! Launched in Morocco, it offers a real cultural proposal and illustrates the cinematographic wealth both nationally (in Morocco) and internationally. Let's go to Morocco!
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