Vakita: the committed and participatory VOD platform


The OTT Bee propelled by Kinow solution is also available in journalistic format! Launched on November 15, the new digital media Vakita offers exclusive video surveys around sensitive topics.

Bee is proud to support Hugo Clément and his team in the deployment of this committed and activist platform which is likely to make things happen...

A VOD platform for investigation and action

The media of new journalism by Hugo Clément

Hugo Clément, the French reporter and environmental activist, has just launched Vakita his own 100% independent and 100% digital media.

The journalist has already distinguished himself on the small screen – Le Petit journal, Quotidien, Konbini News, France Télévision – for his commitment to animal welfare and environmental protection.
Together with his own team of journalists, trained to cope with the pressure, and led by the editor-in-chief Axel Roux, Hugo Clément now intends to exploit all the potential of the video format to carry out investigations on the subjects which concern him.

Video surveys on sensitive topics

Global warming, the consequences of overconsumption, precariousness, feminism, the animal cause... Particularly sensitive environmental and societal themes are the subject of in-depth investigations to meet the expectations of citizens.

New exclusive video surveys are thus published every day on the platform.

Investigation at the service of action

No question of journalistic neutrality! As an activist worthy of the name, Hugo Clément aspires, with Vakita, to accompany the facts with targeted and concrete actions. "The situation is too serious to remain in a posture of neutrality", argue the founders of the platform. And therein lies the strength of this new medium: at the end of each report, the journalists suggest concrete actions and keys to act. It represents the opportunity, within each video, for citizens to do their part and change the world.

A participatory VOD platform

Vakita's objective could not be clearer: "to inform, create mutual aid and allow you to take action to change things". The Vakita platform intends to form and develop a community: “Vakita is above all YOU! We will grow together, build a close-knit and responsive family, on the front line of all environmental and societal battles”. The motto for this platform is: “You alert, we investigate! »

Accessible by subscription, Vakita invites people to join the community to discover exclusive surveys and work for a better world.

Tailor-made features for a unique survey medium

A multi-screen broadcast

Video surveys are delivered in high definition (HD) on computer, mobile and tablet, so that subscribers can access key environmental and societal information anywhere and at any time.

Subscription media (SVOD)

The platform works on a principle of monthly (5€ per month) or annual subscription (50€ per year), without any long-term commitment. This SVOD model - Subscription Video On Demand - aims to guarantee the total independence of the media in terms of the choice of subjects and the editorial line.
Subscribers can discover a new video survey every day.

A modular VOD / Live platform

The surveys are now fully available as VOD content. The platform, which is 100% modular, also supports the broadcasting of live events, an option which may be considered later depending on the commitment and expectations of the Vakita community.

Giving voice to subscribers

Hugo Clément wishes to allow subscribers to fully take part in the Vakita adventure. To do so, they are intitled to collaborate on the choice of subjects, permanent exchanges, group actions... Any involvement of committed citizens is welcome. This involvement will soon be possible thanks to the introduction of the commentary module feature for each video survey.
On the administration side, journalists will be able to view and moderate comments, and interact with active members.

A user account

The user account centralizes all the information useful to the subscriber: personal information, subscription settings (cancellation possible at any time) and billing, viewing history, favourite videos.

“Traditional journalism has gradually smoothed out: Hugo Clément represents the new face of journalism, with strong subjects, in-depth investigations and concrete solutions to move the lines. It is an honour for Bee to support this ambitious project. Concerned about its independence, the team wanted to turn to a technical solution as solid as intuitive, at the same time as a flexible graphic base to create its own universe and emphasize the content. The result is impactful, the interface is simple and fluid, user satisfaction will be achieved without any doubts: all the secrets of a successful platform are there and I am fully convinced that Vakita has a bright future ahead.”
Pierre ANTOINE - Director of the Kinow Business Unit, Alpha Networks

Bee, the OTT solution at the service of journalists and reporters

Create your own digital media

Do you also want to create your own digital media and broadcast your video reports on a large scale?
The OTT solution Bee offers you a fully modular and customizable VOD platform to meet your needs. Broadcast your own surveys on news or trending topics or on a specific theme to reach a wide audience, in France or internationally.

Customize your VOD platform

Bee provides you with a wide choice of ready-to-use templates, adapted to your graphic charter. Customize your platform to your image and focus on your business 100% of your time.

As an example, you can see how the teams behind Vakita managed to bring a strong and marked personality to the platform, by starting from a relatively simple template. They chose to use mainly tones of black and grey – recalling those of a dark and obscure society – and to use a few touches of yellow for the highlights – being bright as the actions that can be implemented. The OTT solution Bee offers to anyone the agility and the flexibility to create and upload personalised posters to reflect any brand image and differentiate from the competition.

Integrate custom features

The OTT solution Bee offers advanced features to help you achieve your goals while optimizing the user experience:

- Distribute your video content on multiple screens: the platform natively adapts to desktop, mobile and tablet screens. Our teams can also support you in the deployment of your application on Apple Store and Google Play. The creation of a specific smart TV or set-top-box application is possible, too;

- Broadcast your videos in VOD or live streaming;

- Deploy your platform in France or internationally;

- Choose your business model: offer your videos in free access or monetize your content by subscription (SVOD), pay per view or with advertising.
The OTT solution Bee offers all the possibilities!

For more information on our solution, do not hesitate to contact our teams!