Videofit: OTT platform of sports programs for gyms and fitness


Catalog of group video courses for gyms and fitness clubs !

The OTT Videofit platform will revolutionize the preparation of group courses for sports coaches!

Creating sports training programs: the headache of gyms

Whether it is HiiT, fitness, dance, yoga…Group classes are based on a sequence of specific workouts. And to develop new training programs, gym managers are turning to one or more of the following solutions:

  • Creation of personalized training plans by a sports coach or by a professional dedicated to the preparation of courses;
  • Use of a training planning software;
  • Purchase of programs from a group training service provider.

The Videofit platform is part of the latter option while offering, by its form and its offer, more simplicity and flexibility to sports and fitness club managers.

Videofit, the online group video course platform for sports and fitness clubs

An OTT platform for gyms and fitness clubs

The Videofit OTT platform offers 8 sports themes or concepts:

  • In cardio: Athletik, R'Boxe, Cycling, Boxing, HiiT ;
  • In muscle strengthening: Sculpt ;
  • In mixed programs: Dance and Zen (yoga, tai chi, pilates).

Each concept includes different content - videos, audios, and documents - classified by quarter to ensure the diversity, renewal, and evolution of the programs. Videofit thus maintains the attractiveness of the courses, as well as the motivation of the participants!

Why choose Videofit for your gym?

Creating professional training programs cannot be improvised. At Videofit, this mission is entrusted to a dedicated team of specialized sports coaches and marketing experts, all professionals driven by the desire to offer motivating and effective courses.

Sale of online sports training programs by subscription (SVOD)

The platform markets its concepts exclusively to fitness clubs and gyms. In a logic of SVOD monetization, the subscription fee is 99 € per month and per concept. Videofit then offers a sliding scale of charges according to the number of concepts desired (50% discount from 5 or more concepts, for example).

Subscribing to a concept opens access rights to the manager and coaches of the club.

Each concept is composed of mixed content:

  • Learning videos available for streaming.
  • Audio content (playlists) available for streaming or download.
  • PDF scripts to download.

All these contents are accessible 24/7 on all media (only for coaches and managers of gym and fitness centers): smartphone, computer, tablet, and smart TV.

The concepts are then updated every 3 months with a new video to vary the courses and gradually increase the intensity or technicality of the exercises (depending on the discipline).

Videofit offers attractive and effective courses within complete and progressive programs for the greater satisfaction of sports clubs and their members.

"The "turnkey" argument, the monetization system, the management of subscriptions, the plurality of content formats and the quality of the videos oriented our choice towards the OTT Bee solution. And we made the right choice: we were able to launch our platform in just a few weeks and quickly become autonomous in the management of content. We also know that at any time, we can count on the Bee team, always available." The Videofit Team.
"Videofit effectively meets the need of gym managers while taking advantage of the video craze and, increasingly, streaming platforms. It is a great challenge, proudly taken up, with a great application at the end.” Pierre ANTOINE, Director of the Business Unit BEE, Alpha Networks.

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