Video statistics: adopting the right marketing and content strategy


In the digital world, audience measurement is a sensitive issue for brands, publishers and media regulators. Today, the situation is the same with video and especially video-on-demand services.

With the rise of OTT platforms, TV channels, media and distributors are seeking to know the activity of their audience in order to anticipate their needs and adjust their catalog and marketing strategy.

Video statistics are essential to enable data collection, analysis and interpretation. Knowing your audience is essential to be able to send them a relevant and targeted message and guide their content production/acquisition.

That's why Kinow offers a real-time video statistics solution to measure the audience of your video content and users. Thanks to real-time data collection, graphical display and the ability to export reports, it becomes possible to anticipate usage trends as they appear and adjust the catalog. Video statistics allow you to see how your audience watches your video catalogue (films, documentaries, TV shows, sports events, etc.), in which region and at which time of the day.

What are the key indicators?

Video statistics are offered in addition to e-commerce statistics (new subscribers, subscription renewal rates, revenue, best marketing campaigns, etc.). They allow to know the activity of users on the video catalog.

Kinow video statistics are integrated directly into the video player and provide accurate information on the number of readings, views and hours viewed per country, per video and per user. You will thus be able to know the most watched categories or videos in your catalog, the most requested keywords or the most active periods on your service.

Here is an example of viewing graphs by country:

Number of  playbacks in the catalog

Number of views in the catalogue

Cumulative number of viewing hours

Regular monitoring and statistics analysis

To make the right decisions, you need to know how users behave. To do this, it is essential to carry out a complete analysis of all the data via the dashboard integrated into the solution. It is possible to know how users watch videos, what they like best, what they don't like, where they stop watching. The analysis of the video catalog makes it possible to establish a ranking of the most watched videos and then to generate an export in CSV and PDF format for transmission to the various collaborators and right holders. Thanks to these informations, you will be able to:

  • optimize your marketing and communication campaigns,

  • send more targeted messages to your users,

  • improve the presentation of your catalog by highlighting the trendiest content,

  • adapt your content production and acquisition strategy.

Statistics also record viewing for non-registered visitors (for example, for free content). In this case, they do not appear on any customer file but are still recorded in the video files.

Ranking of the best videos

Complementary functionalities

The statistics run in parallel with the video player (via the opening of a websocket), allowing to have a precision to the micro-second.

The collection of encrypted data related to viewing habits is therefore carried out in real time from the video platform. The latter make it possible to begin a cure with the acquisition or production of content corresponding to the most requested themes and the non-renewal of abandoned content.

For example, Tënk is a broadcaster but also a co-producer of new documentaries. The team highlights films from the 1960s to today in SVOD on a dedicated interactive platform. Kinow provided the video platform and provides hosting, daily maintenance and integration of Tënk's graphic identity. To meet some of Tënk's needs (such as remuneration for rights holders, catalog adjustment, etc.), Kinow has extended the use of these statistics with new features:

  • Multi-screen restriction consists of controlling the number of simultaneous views per user account, i.e. limiting the number of users with the right to watch video content at the same time on the same account.

Example: If a user shares his login details, thanks to the multi-account blocking only 2 people will be able to play a video at the same time on his account.

  • The viewing restriction allows you to limit the total number of times a video is viewed by the same user (in order to reduce bandwidth).

  • Resume playback allows a user to resume playback of a video where he or she had previously stopped, even from another device.

User viewing history:

Example of a Kinow’s customer account with video statistics displayed

Our real-time audience measurement probe can be integrated into any video player on any application, in OTT or IPTV.

With video statistics, Kinow helps you to better understand your audience and provides you with the key information you need to grow your service.

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