VOD platform and corporate strategy: how Brault & Bouthillier uses Kinow!


Do you plan to boost your sales or train your employees using video? Would you like to use this format as part of your sales strategy or to share your corporate culture and internal processes?

Discover how we helped Brault & Bouthillier setting up a streaming platform serving the corporate strategy.

Provide educational content to the education sector

Brault & Bouthillier’s pedagogical approach could be summarized as follows : “Learning while playing”. Let’s get to know the company better. Brault & Bouthillier has been founded in 1944, in Canada. Until recently, its activity was based on two main axes: selling fun and educational products (games designed to facilitate children's learning) and organizing training sessions (always directly related to education). With this positioning, Brault & Bouthillier was targeting both "educational" and "general public" audiences.

2021 marked a new turning point for the company. The teams decided to launch a streaming website exclusively dedicated to educational professionals. Thanks to Kinow solution, the BBPÉDAGO platform has been deployed very quickly. The VOD website has been created to complete Brault & Bouthillier's "historical" offer. It proposes 2 main types of video capsules: free and PREMIUM. On one hand, free capsules are intended to present the products they are selling (and their features). Sometimes, these free capsules highlight "favorite items” around a given theme: in this case, the capsules are called "LA RÉCRÉ". In parallel, BBPÉDAGO also proposes to users PREMIUM capsules, for which they have to pay. These capsules feature "technical and pedagogical" training sessions around a product (or a product line) or "complete pedagogical guides" on defined "disciplinary fields" (in this case, there is no direct relation with a product). For paid content, pricing is currently set on a per-unit basis, according to a TVOD model. A subscription system (SVOD) could also be proposed soon.

Enhance your corporate strategy with an e-learning platform

Once you know the content of BBPÉDAGO, you clearly understand how the website supports Brault & Bouthillier's "historical" activity. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the main benefits! First of all, the website is aimed to reinforce the sales cycle. Indeed, by offering free content to present its products, Brault & Bouthillier allows its target audience to get better information about them. This reduces barriers to purchase because the content dispels all doubts and answers all questions. Moreover, it ensures a high-quality after-sales service as customers are accompanied after their purchases: the platform allows them to quickly understand how to use a newly acquired product.

The second major benefit of the platform concerns human resources. Indeed, the company uses BBPÉDAGO to train its employees. The entire staff can access the platform and a whole self-training process is offered. The Brault & Bouthillier teams are even considering exploiting further this aspect of the platform: in the future, they would also like to upload content exclusively reserved to their employees. Thus, the platform could be used to share internal processes, "health and safety at work" standards, or any other relevant information in the framework of internal training.

"For a long time, we have been trying to develop a platform to showcase the educational content we offer to our customers. We needed a user-friendly tool for both the user and the content manager, visually appealing and able to evolve according to our needs. To us, Kinow is the perfect solution. We were well advised, brilliantly supported both technically and by an outstanding customer service. We found in Kinow (Alpha Networks Group) much more than a supplier: it is a business partner. It is reassuring to be able to count on proven tools and on a reliable and competent team to carry out our projects. I recommend working with them!"
Eric PATENAUDE - Director of Educational Development at Brault & Bouthillier
"BBPÉDAGO is a very interesting customer case. Kinow solution is now a key element of their business model and it is also at the heart of their human resources strategy. BBPÉDAGO is a great example of success. Externally, even if the platform is reserved to educational professionals, it demonstrates what Kinow solution can bring in the context of a B2B strategy. We are proud to work with the Brault & Bouthillier teams."
Pierre ANTOINE - Kinow's Business Unit Director, Alpha Networks Group

Creating a streaming website as part of your corporate strategy can have many advantages. A VOD platform can at the same time reinforce your commercial strategy, feed your human resources management and be the vector of your internal communication. Few companies have already made this choice and yet possibilities are endless. Today, we are convinced that streaming is the key for companies' development. We have all the expertise to guide you in the realization of your objectives and we would be delighted to accompany you. If you want to know more about our Brault & Bouthillier success story or if you would like to discuss with our experts, contact us.

About Brault & Bouthillier:

Brault & Bouthillier is a Canadian company. Its mission is to help educational professionals as well as parents in "child development". To do so, it proposes the game as a pedagogical tool. Historically, the company offers a catalog of products and training sessions. Today, Brault & Bouthillier also provides a streaming platform: BBPÉDAGO. This VOD service is dedicated to external (educational professionals) and internal use. Access to BBPÉDAGO.