VOD solution and email campaigns: new Kinow email editor


Did you know that email is an essential tool to retain your audience on your streaming platform?

Communicating with your users is a great way to build relationships with them and to anticipate any need, any question. This is why we propose ready-to-use email campaigns, included within our Kinow solution. Furthermore, as we know that you also need to personalize your email content to optimize your actions, we are thrilled to present you today our Kinow email editor. Discover now how it works and some key tips.

Build audience loyalty with turnkey email campaigns

"Order confirmed!" Do you feel reassured too when you receive such a message? Emailing is essential in a customer/supplier relationship, that's why we added turnkey email campaigns to our Kinow OTT solution. First of all, email allows you to accompany your user. Registration, purchase, password change, refund, etc.; we have created transactional emails for each step of the customer journey. You may wonder: what are transactional emails? It’s automatically triggered emails, generated when the user performs one of the key actions that we have defined. We created them for you and they are part of our Kinow solution.

Kinow transactional emails have also been set up to help you fidelize your audience. Indeed, thanks to our pre-established email campaigns, you can warn your users when their subscriptions are about to expire, for example. You can also send emails for all the special offers you propose to your community: discount voucher, gift coupon (access offered to a relative), etc. Email allows you to limit attrition and to support all the great actions you put in place to raise the interest and maximize the engagement of your target.

Customize your emails with Kinow email editor

If benefiting from ready-to-use email campaigns allows you to save time and reach your objectives faster, we also know that personalizing your communications is essential. Being aware of this major stake, we have developed this year the Kinow email editor. Thanks to this new feature, you can adapt the content and the design of your emails. Why is this important? Personalization allows you to adapt your campaigns to your branding and your editorial line. It also allows you to distinguish yourself and to be identified faster, especially by personalizing your emails subject lines. If you want to maximize your open rate, your recipients must be able to identify and recognize you in the flow of received emails. You also have the ability to make any changes very quickly. Thus, if your graphic charter evolves or if you wish to highlight key things on your email banners (new offer, upcoming event, etc.), you can make your updates in just a few clicks. Finally, you can adapt your message to your target. You understand your customers: how much explanation and what kind of information they are expecting, what tone to use, etc. The goal is to allow you to adapt your communications to your users.

How does Kinow email editor work? You can personalize your emails very easily thanks to the MJML code (Mailjet Markup Language). It is a specific code, recognized for being easier to use than the HTML code. Indeed, tags allow you to easily locate the sections of your code: this way, you know exactly which part you are editing. By default, we have chosen a certain MJML graphic template but many other templates are available on their website. You just have to choose. You can then easily modify your content. Finally, you should know that thanks to the MJML code, your emails will be displayed correctly regardless of the email client. The MJML teams are constantly on the lookout for new requirements and new specificities of email clients: thanks to their code, your emails will always be responsive. You can focus on the editorial dimension of your campaigns and not on their technical aspect to maximize the impact of your emails.

Kinow dashboard - Transactional email code
Kinow dashboard - Transactional email code

Email is a key resource to develop your streaming service. With Kinow, you can program and personalize email campaigns in record time. Don't wait any longer, use our email editor to stand out and to build loyalty among your users. If you want to know more about the email editor or if you want to be advised by our experts, contact us.

Transactional emails list:

  • Free gift invitation
  • Gift created
  • Gift invitation
  • Message sent
  • New content available
  • New message
  • New user account
  • Order canceled
  • Order confirmation
  • Order refunded
  • Password query update
  • Password updated
  • Payment error
  • Payment processed
  • Pending bankwire payment
  • Pending check payment
  • Pending for payment
  • Subscription expires soon
  • Subscription not renewed
  • Subscription renew soon
  • User account invitation
  • Voucher created