What are the advantages of a corporate video platform?


Today, companies consider videos as a marketing and communication tool. More and more used in internal communication, videos allow sharing fundamental messages in a way that better suits employees’ new lifestyles and work methods.

Why video for internal company communication?

Videos with a “corporate purpose” can be a real asset, when you know they are perceived as friendly and educational. Indeed, they have the power to motivate and add value to the teams, notably by participating in the company culture. Moreover, this type of support is more easily memorable than a multi-page document.

A video platform can thus support the adoption of best practices, which can be related to safety and working conditions, for example. Furthermore, it is accessible via all types of media, which enables employees from different cities, regions or countries to simultaneously receive the same information.

How can a video platform facilitate corporate communication?

Communication is at the heart of human relations, so it is important to choose appropriate means to ensure that internal communication is operational and that it nurtures a certain climate of understanding, cohesion and conviviality among employees.

The implementation of a video platform is one of the best ways to improve your internal communication. Here are some of the advantages of this practice:

Boost team cohesion

A video platform simplifies exchanges between employees because video is social:

  • Engage your employees: Sharing, loving, commenting… There are so many possible functions to involve your employees and generate engagement.

  • Turn them into contributors: you can create a sense of belonging and recognition by highlighting their work.

Broadcast internal events

To find the video of the last seminar or conference… Internal communication video can be adapted to all types of festive or professional events, once again promoting team cohesion.

Organize your internal supports and resources

A company often has a multitude of internal resources, often scattered in several files (and almost impossible to find). The goal of a video platform is to gather this data in a single place: having a video platform will allow you to centralize and categorize all the content, avoid losses, manage broadcasting rights... A video platform gathers thus all the know-how and the history of the company.

Prove the know-how of the employees

Use Employee Generated Content. Your employees are in the best position to talk about the company, its operating methods, quality monitoring, etc. Make full use of your internal video platform to enjoy all its benefits.

For better human resources management

The video is increasingly used in internal training, for new and long-term employees.

Indeed, it can be very effective in training new employees, especially for technical tasks or on working methods. For example, it is possible to explain security rules, take a digital tour of the premises or present the company’s different departments.

Broadcast confidential internal videos in complete security

Several features are proposed by video platforms such as mandatory authentication with a password...

How to optimize the project launch?

Designing a video can be a difficult task for some people. Here are some tools to create a video quickly and easily: Promo, Lumen5, PlayPlay

On the other hand, before launching a corporate video platform, it is a good idea to have several videos ready for broadcast and to have designated a few employees as "ambassadors'' of the project.

In conclusion

Video offers many advantages: to better understand a message, to eliminate many business meetings or e-mails, ... But above all, it has the capacity to be engaging.

If you are considering an internal video platform project for your company and you want to start this adventure, the Kinow team can help you to propel your idea. Contact our experts!