Which social media strategy for a streaming platform?


If you want to communicate on social networks about your streaming platform, this article will give you some keys that will help you organize yourself and establish a social media strategy to develop your audience.

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What is a social media strategy?

The social media strategy of an organization is defined as a set of planned actions, organized and implemented on social media to facilitate the achievement of its marketing and sales objectives.

This notion can include different aspects, social intelligence, advertising use of social media, or social shopping.

We will focus on "relational" use and community management.

The importance of social networks

The streaming platforms have understood this, to create and interact with its community, being visible on social networks is essential.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube... We don't present them to you anymore, social networks attract more and more people on the internet. It is now essential for companies to learn how to use them to address new targets and develop their market.

The main advantage of social networks?

It is the proximity between customers and companies. This direct communication channel allows users to share their experience with the product or service. As a platform, you can create surveys to collect your subscribers' expectations about some films for example.

Networks in a few figures

Globally, the portion of social network users continues to grow.

global digital growth

@copyright Hootsuite / We Are Social: the evolution of Internet use and social networks in July 2020.

With 376 million more users from July 2019 to July 2020, representing about 51% of the world's population (vs. 49% in Q1 2020), the number of users on social networks has the largest growth!

As far as France is concerned, Médiamétrie publishes monthly estimates of French people's use of websites and mobile applications. When we look only at social network figures, we obtain the following ranking (data for September 2019) :

1.     Facebook: 46.9 million unique visitors per month, and 28.1 million per day

2.      YouTube: 45.3 million unique visits per month, and 17 million per day

3.      Instagram: 28 million unique visits per month, and 11 million per day

4.        Whatsapp: 24.4 million unique visits per month, and 9.6 million per day

5.        Snapchat: 19.3 million unique visits per month and 13.6 million per day

6.       LinkedIn: 16.8 million unique visits per month, and 2.7 million per day

7.        Twitter: 16.7 million unique visits per month, and 2.7 million per day

8.        Pinterest: 13 million unique visits per month, and 1.9 million per day

Overall, the French spent an average of 82 minutes per day visiting sites and applications on cell phones and 31 minutes on the desktop.

Today, consumers are increasingly turning to the mobile as an entertainment hub. Owning one's own mobile application for one's streaming service is becoming essential.

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After having understood the interest of being present on social networks, it is necessary to prepare its strategy beforehand.

Establish a strategy

Like any strategy, a social media strategy is generally established over the medium / long term, but it must however take into account the evolving nature of the social network environment.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. The choice of social networks

As a streaming platform, no network is imposed on you, however you should think about a few points.

First of all, we can think about the social networks options according to our audience. What is my target?

We are going to present you the main social networks adopted in the field of streaming.

To reach a large audience, nothing better than Facebook. It is indeed the first social network in terms of number of users, all age groups and from various socio-professional categories.

Instagram appeals to all age groups, but especially to young people: 72% of 13-17 year olds are on Instagram, as are 64% of 18-29 year olds, compared to only 40% of 30-49 year olds.

Twitter is the ideal social network if you are targeting opinion leaders. This social network operates instantaneously, with short messages (tweets) of up to 280 characters. It's the preferred network for the journalism profession, it's also easier to interact with celebrities, a good opportunity to quote the actors of your movies and gain notoriety.

If your target is rather professional, there is no better social network to communicate than LinkedIn. On this network, you can post messages (like on Facebook), but also share documents. As on Facebook too, there are Business pages and groups, which will allow you to federate a community around your service and expertise.

Once you have defined your target(s), you will need to take some time to think about the type of content you will distribute, but also to define whether you will communicate the same information on all the networks or whether each one will have a particular goal.

You can choose to broadcast different contents for each network, the important thing is to keep the same tone on all of them in order to be consistent.

2. Plan a publication frequency table

After defining its content, the second step is to organize its future publications and determine the frequency. It is useless to put yourself on a network just to be present and publish only a few times a year. The idea is to be active and visible to your community.

The publishing frequency is specific to each person and is determined according to the content available to him. It is quite possible to publish 3 to 4 times a week initially, and decide to publish every day because you have more and more content.  

But how do we know if our strategy is working?

3. Measuring results and adjusting strategy

On this playground, no number is exact, you have to analyze the frequency of its subscribers. To do so, network statistics will guide you on your strategy and its adjustment. You will be able to analyze your publications, the days to be recommended according to the activity of your users as well as the time of day. You will also need to perform some tests to find the right balance between your networks, your content and the communications that really engage your audience.

Your strategy is almost finished but you're stump on publication topics?

Don't panic, here are some keys!

Your content is unique, talk about it

Of course, you can communicate about the films you propose in order to present them. We will take the example of LaCinetek :

LaCinetek social network screens

In addition, using famous scenes and movie quotes available on your streaming platform are great ways to make your content known in other ways.

Lacinetek Facebook screens

Increase your engagement rate : Contests, a classic

To capture the attention of its community and increase its engagement rate, a contest is a good initiative!

The concept is very simple, you offer your subscribers a gift voucher, for example a discount on a subscription on your platform. To participate and try to win, they react to it by commenting and sharing it. Don't forget to define an end date, then you just have to draw a winner and contact him/her.

Broach the subjects of your news

Specific events, starting new partnerships, collaborations, sharing this information promotes proximity with one's community. It is an opportunity to increase the interest in your platform and to show its evolution!

Communicate on your new offers and promotions

By communicating about your offers and promotions, you are giving yourself the best chance to reach a wide audience and reach new people. This is an opportunity to talk about your content but also about the different subscriptions you offer.

Facebook screens of LaCinetek company

This platform is powered by Kinow, if you want to know more about it: The Cinémathèque des Réalisateurs chooses Kinow to propel its video-on-demand platform

Interacting with the Community: Teasing, the Key to an Engaged Community

Teasing refers to an advertising process that seeks to arouse the curiosity of the public through the use of teasers.

Nothing is more exciting for a user to wait for the second season of a series or the availability of a film. Teasing is a great way to create a link with your subscribers!

The perfect example is Netflix. The American platform's communication is known for using a humorous tone and putting its subscribers in the spotlight. In addition, the brand makes every effort to entertain users and engage them over the long term. Its user-friendliness and perfect knowledge of its audience allow it to achieve spectacular results.

Screenshot of the Netflix Facebook page

As you will have understood, social networks are a great opportunity to create and federate a community around its platform. This universe is in constant evolution, that's why preparing a strategy and adjusting it as you go along are the keys to successful communication!

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