Why create a streaming application for smart TV with Kinow?


Every day, more and more people use smart TVs. With Kinow streaming solution, you can stand out and launch a dedicated streaming application.

The advantages are many and we have all the expertise to guide you. Happy reading.

The benefits of a streaming service tailored for smart TV

"On a global level, the share of households that own a smart TV is expected to be above 50% by 2026" ("Global Smart TV Shipment and Installed Base Forecast for 88 Countries : 2011 to 2026", Strategy Analytics). The Smart TV market (connected TVs) has been thriving for several years, following the same trend as cell phone. Mobile applications are now at the heart of our consumption, leisure and work habits. Similarly, smart TV apps are becoming essential as they represent a new demand and new needs. It is a reality we all observe in our private lives and a trend that we all have to master in the professional sphere.

So, why such a boom? What are the benefits for your audience? Simplified use of your platform on a TV screen thanks to a remote control (with a dedicated application, there's no more hassle with connections and preparations: it won't stop your audience from subscribing anymore), limitation of technical problems (difficulties sometimes encountered when "casting" content), personalization and freedom of choice, etc.

From a business perspective, launching a streaming application for smart TV is above all a growth opportunity and a competitive advantage. The demand is there, yet today only a few streaming offers are available on connected TVs. It is a great way for you to stand out, to distinguish yourself from your competitors. You can introduce your platform to a wider audience, to people you might have never reached, and build loyalty.

Leverage Kinow expertise to propose your streaming platform on smart TV

Kinow streaming solution is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). The solution evolves according to your needs. Yours - but also your final consumers’ ones. We follow the trends and pay particular attention to our customers’ feedback and challenges in order to provide them the best support. Today, we know that developing a streaming application for smart TV can be essential and determining for you, and we are here to accompany you.

So, beyond the web, mobile, tablet and console supports, with Kinow you can also propose your streaming offer on smart TV. We develop with you a dedicated application, connected to our platform management solution (back-office) via our Graph QL API. You benefit from all our features (Stream, Player, CMS, Billing, CRM and Analytics) to offer an optimal user experience on all screens. Moreover, our applications are suitable for all smart TV brands (Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung, LG, etc.) for a perfect compatibility.

The Académie des César smart TV application, developed with Kinow
The Académie des César smart TV application, developed with Kinow

Finally, all the applications developed by Kinow are turnkey, ready to use and customizable. No technical integration is needed and deployment is very fast (about 2 months).

Today, the demand is very high for streaming offers. We want to be able to choose what we watch, consult, and we want to be able to do it simply. In this context, the smart TV market is expanding rapidly. Take advantage of our solution and our expertise to seize this new opportunity. If you want to know more about Kinow or if you want to be accompanied, contact our experts.


Report - “Global Smart TV Shipment and Installed Base Forecast for 88 Countries : 2011 to 2026”, Strategy Analytics