Why launch an OTT platform on mobile ?


Mobile applications, these softwares, which are now part of our daily life, exist today in very large numbers. We have applications for listening to music (Spotify), geolocation (Google Maps), booking train tickets (Omio), watching videos (Netflix) and so on.

According to the surveys conducted by App Annie last year: "$143 billion were spent on app stores, a 20% annual growth".

So together we will see the benefits that come from launching a video platform on a mobile app.

Mobile applications, a booming market

The mobile app market is constantly growing. The overall market trend is such that smartphone users are spending a lot of time on mobile apps.

According to App Annie's State of mobile 2021 report, which is an icon of the mobile app market:

  • Globally, mobile users spent 4.2 hours a day on them in 2020, which is 20% more than in 2019 ;
  • There were 218 billion mobile apps downloaded worldwide, a 7% increase over last year.

In addition, according to figures from the same source (App Annie), in France:

  • 2.07 billion apps were downloaded on cell phones;
  • The French spent 2.25 billion dollars on mobile applications;
  • And phone users spend about 3.6 hours on them every day.

The figures from these studies speak for themselves. We can see the importance that mobile applications and cell phones have in today's society, and also the fortune that this market generates.  

The world of streaming video

While the rental (-14.1%) and sales (-20.0%) markets are experiencing declines, the video-on-demand (VOD) market is growing rapidly (+17.5%).

According to the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée (CNC), the video-on-demand (VOD) market has grown by +11.9% to €1.7 billion in 2021 compared to the year 2020.

"This market represents 87.6% of the market according to CNC data with Vertigo and Aqoa.  

Statistics on OTT platform users

Streaming video accounts for about 61% of internet traffic. Movies, series and all kind of videos are more and more consumed in streaming. Note that young people prefer to watch their videos on a digital device rather than on traditional television.

The big brands such as Amazon, Disney, Apple are entering the race on this market visibly in unbridled growth. They have understood that this is an area not to be neglected if we want to attract more Internet users.

Statistics on OTT platforms
Source : Nielsen

In addition, it should be noted that according to Nielsen:

  • Disney + platform usage was up 39%, giving it a 0.5 point gain in market share this year ;
  • YouTube (YouTube TV) is second in the overall rankings with a strong one point increase in market share.
  • Netflix's growth is 12.7% in volume, giving it a 0.8% increase in market share; let's note that the latter maintains its place as the most consumed streaming service.

We can see that several facts presage video streaming as the television of the future.

Launch your video platform on a mobile application

The above facts about the mobile app market and video streaming remove the veil and demonstrate the relevance of these markets.

However, let's list a few reasons why it's essential to launch your video platform on a mobile app:

  • Today's consumer prefers a smaller screen, which he can carry with him everywhere and use without discomfort whenever he wants (comfort);
  • Google's mobile first index, knowing that we use more and more our smartphones for our searches, Google's algorithm is now based on the mobile version for referencing;
  • In France, users spend an average of 3.6 hours per day on their small screen;
  • Video streaming represents a large part of internet traffic and the appetite of users for it is growing;
  • Monetize your video content on your mobile application and reach all your targets, etc.

Opt for the Bee solution to launch your video platform on a mobile app

Why choose the Bee solution to create a video platform on a mobile application?

There are many advantages to developing your video platform on a mobile application with the Bee solution, however we will only mention a few:

  • Economical and fast, reduce the cost and time of deploying your mobile apps for Ios and Android with Bee solution ;
  • Take advantage of mobile applications that allow your users to follow videos they can access, even offline;
  • Benefit from maintenance and hosting;
  • A modular design, our templates adapt to your specifications and on estimate;
  • And finally, take advantage of audience analysis and reporting tools as well as an application that reflects your brand. Learn more about our services.

Many companies have already launched their video platform on a mobile application with the Bee solution (LNV, Upskill Handball, ...); what are you waiting for to join the mobile adventure with the Kinow team ?