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How Alchimie launched a SVOD program on connected TVs with Kinow

Alchimie, European leader in the content distribution and monetization market, chose Kinow, a video platform publisher, to broadcast OKIDOKI, a SVOD kids programme on Samsung Smart TVs.

A plethora of actors...

Okidoki is the name of a fun and educational video channel, available in 23 languages, for children from 3 to 10 years old with more than 700 videos including episodes of Molang, Mouk, Didou, Pirata and Capitano.

The project was conceived and editorialized by Millimages, a production company. The company currently sells its video content worldwide to major TV channels. The desire to discover new forms of media led them to deploy a new digital platform on connected TV.

Thus, in April 2017, the production company entrusted the management of its project to Alchimie, the European market leader in the distribution and monetization of digital programs. The group took over the torch as a content aggregator by offering its expertise in digital distribution.

Following, Alchimie used the technical expertise of Kinow, publisher of clever video platforms, to develop Okidoki's video-on-demand solution for Samsung Smarts TV, the world leader in connected TVs.

« In 2017, we asked Kinow to connect our back-office systems and their APIs in order to roll out an SVOD OTT system for kids on smart TVs in a highly constricted environment. Thanks to the technological structure already in place at Kinow, we were able to provide a premium service within a very short time-frame. Kinow was a powerful business accelerator that helped us meet our challenging time-to market goals. »
D. Amiot, CIO-CTO - Alchimie

Focus on SVOD for connected TV

Okidoki project required the implementation of a subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) platform, in SaaS and accessible by end-users from an embedded application on Samsung connected TVs.

« Smart TVs represent one of the most dynamic growth drivers in the connected device market and could become the global hub for OTT content access in the coming years » Raphael Porte, Chief Business Development Officer - Alchimie

A functional specification was formulated since the platform had to have access to Kinow's API to interconnect with Millimages and Kinow's information system, and to interface on TVs and Boxs.

Specifications extract

  • SVOD platform hosting in SaaS
  • Kinow's API access for integration into an existing support (TV and box)
  • Stripe payment system access from a TV terminal
  • Support features on videos
  • Search by videos
  • Interconnection of Millimages and Kinow's information systems to make available the use of Alchimie's ingest, encoding, streaming and CDN chain by Kinow.
  • Quality and availability of operation

To finalize this SVOD service, Millimages wanted a very specific graphic universe for its platform. Kinow and Alchimie selected the design agency Dostcreen which develop multi-screen applications. With this partnership, the SVOD platform has been able to fly the Okidoki's flag.

Thanks to an advanced and interoperable technical solution, Kinow allows the access to 500 hours of programs dedicated to the 3-10 years, by subscription in SVOD.

Kinow is proud to have brought its expertise to the Okidoki platform!

Logo Alchimie


  • Distribute the video catalog of Millimages production company by video on demand on connected TVs.


  • Kinow solution enabled SVOD video streaming and monetization on Samsung Smart TVs.


  • Catalog management of 700 episodes in SVOD
  • Available on connected TV in 23 languages
  • 18 to 24 months of time saving

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