How Equidia succeeded to refocus its core business with Kinow

Equidia, the television channel dedicated to horse racing, has given us its confidence to broadcast its videos on demand. The new sports media site has been online since January 8, 2018 and won the silver medal during the award ceremony "Grand prix Stratégies du Digital 2018" in Paris.

A new face...

Equidia, the reference media for horse racing and a subsidiary of the french PMU group, wanted to refocus its core business by asserting itself as a sports media at the service of the gambler. The channel has completely overhauled its digital strategy: new visual identity, new website or new services and trusted the company Kinow to integrate the video on demand service.

Kinow's online video platform solution, allows Equidia to monetize its races with monthly subscription and to broadcast them live and replay. In addition, the solution provides Equidia its subscribers viewing statistics. Another strong point is the use of our API for full interoperability with the group's technical infrastructures.

The graphic interface of the website has been developed by the agency Donkey Code, specialized in the creation of applications and websites.

« Kinow has enabled us to deploy a video platform very quickly, in a fully integrated way into our new website. Thanks to the solution, marketing teams can focus exclusively on the management and the development of the business through numerous modules of statistics and features embedded in the platform. »
J. Michaud, Digital Marketing Manager - Equidia

For a successful bet!

Provided with an advanced backend solution, Kinow has enabled Equidia to build a new website with a personalized user experience.

Innovative, practical and refined, the new website puts emphasis on the video with SVOD programs, more than 50,000 live and replay races and 8 new channels to access the race of their choice.

Specifications extract

  • Provision of management features and subscription renewal (SVOD)
  • Technical contact for the subscribers with Monext, the payment solution
  • Multi Administrator Account
  • Full access to the API
  • Advanced video statistics
  • Interfacing with Itunes stores and Google Play

The horse racing channel won the silver medal for the "Best Brand Website" during the award ceremony called "Grand prix du Digital" of the Stratégie media, March 21, 2018. This event rewards the best of the digital communication achieved by the brands.

The new Equidia site has been online since January 8, 2018 and has more than 1.2 million visitors and 4 million page views per month.

Kinow is proud to have brought its expertise to Equidia!

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  • Equidia wanted to broadcast its videos with subscription packages and enable its subscribers to watch the races live or in replay.


  • Kinow's solution enable the broadcasting and monetization of SVOD videos in live and replay format.


  • Broadcast of 50,000 races in live and replay
  • 1.2 million visitors and 4 million page views per month

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