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LaCinetek chooses Kinow to propel its video-on-demand platform

LaCinetek is dedicated to the broadcasting of the cinematographic heritage, with a rich catalogue of more than 1,400 films selected and presented by filmmakers from all over the world. Limited by technical constraints, the company switched to the Kinow solution in order to improve the infrastructure of its current streaming service.

  • - +280,000 views on their videos since June 1, 2020
  • - 423,000 viewing hours
  • - SVOD, TVOD, EST, prepaid cards, gifts...
  • - Reduction of technical costs thanks to a turnkey solution

Kinow expertise: performance and interoperability

"LaCinetek wanted to enhance and evolve the infrastructure of its current streaming service by integrating different payment methods."

With Kinow, propel your content and engage your audience!

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