How it works

Are you  a media corporation? a TV channel? a telecom operator? a brand? a distributor? a producer? an influencer? a training organization?

Find out how to deploy your video CMS in three steps:


Customize the graphical display of your video website.

Access your platform

Find out about all our features through your video platform's admin panel.

Customize your interface settings

Choose a graphic theme and customize your platform interface with the various content widgets.

Configure your payment settings

Your clients, your revenue: collect your earnings paid by credit card, direct debit, commission-free checks.

Online Rollout

Add videos to your platform.

Upload your videos

Upload your videos online and we will automatically encode them in different resolutions in order to ensure optimal distribution (SD and HD).

Create your catalog

Cast your catalog content through a hierarchy of categories, product fact sheets and linked editorial content.

Distribute your content

Offer your videos for free, for temporary rental, in final purchase and via subscription offers or increase your revenues with advertising.

Distribution & Sales

Start selling your videos online.

Broadcast your videos

Thanks to our cloud distribution network, broadcast your videos worldwide, without limitation of use and at very high speed.

Monetize your videos

From your administration panel, you can follow sales performance and provide an after-sales service to your customers.

Engage your audience

Use statistics to analyse your users' driving habits and improve your marketing campaigns, optimize customer targeting and boost your sales.