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ANTO Tutorials - MAO Tutorials

The youtubeur tutos d'ANTO, specialist in computer music training, decided to develop its activity by launching its own site of video lessons to learn from home the techniques of music production in home studio.

  • - Viewing videos by subscription or purchase by unit
  • - Selection of 8 themes of tutorials
  • - Free access to distinct categories

Kinow expertise: low investment and technical expertise

"I started by researching how to do my computer music project autonomously and quickly, I encountered problems of all kinds. Then I came across the Kinow solution that immediately allowed me to set up a reliable quality website, with management tools perfectly suited to the sale of my videos, with very low initial investment. So, I was able to focus on the production of my content, without technical knowledges (which can quickly become a nightmare when you are not an expert in programming). They propose first quality graphic templates and the customer service respond quickly when a question is asked. I recommend it to anyone wishing to sell their knowledge in videos. All simplicity and professionalism."
A. Murciano - Manager

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