Activity steering

Discover our suite of tools for video and video on demand!
Manage your video and VOD platform in real time without any prior technical knowledge.
Monitor your activity and the one of your users. Work collaboratively by configuring multiple administrator accounts.

Turnkey Solution

We deploy your video and video on demand site in a few clicks - no installation or configuration required. No technical knowledge is required: we provide day-to-day outsourcing of our services (Software as a Service - SaaS). Features of your web site are regularly and automatically updated with responsive technical support available upon request.

Turnkey streaming solution

Data visualization

Kinow provides you with a dashboard with direct access of the most viewed videos, weekly sales, the latest orders placed, the latest registered customers, view time by users and videos, and many more. Our Business Intelligence tools provide you decision support and help you to develop a user-centric business to improve your videos' performances.

Personalized user space

Your users are given access to an individual member space where they can see the list of videos viewed, their past orders, access their invoice details...For example, your clients can bookmark their favorites movies and thus find quickly their selection. You can also provide an after-sales service thanks to dedicated customer files and a natively integrated messaging tool. A fine-tuned subscription management (SVOD) makes possible for your clients to stop and start their automatic renewal.

Collaborative team-based management

You can assign specific accesses to each member of your team to manage your video platform as you wish, deciding on the role and level of each person's actions. For example, you can give your marketing manager access to editorial and video content, and leave access to the client orders and accounts tracking area to your sales team.