Secure Video player

For a successful user experience, Kinow offers you video streaming playback and live, with a DRM-secured content.
Target a worldwide audience with a video platform available in multi-language, multi-audio and with subtitles adapted to the language of the country.

Adaptive streaming, live streaming and replay

Optimize your customers' experience regardless of their flow rate. Thanks to our HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) broadcast, the quality of your videos adapts in real time to each customer's connection speed. Whether they are connected via 3G, ADSL or even fiber; your clients can enjoy a smooth video viewing experience whatever their screen type: PC, connected TV, tablets and smartphones.

Turnkey streaming solution

Video protection

To avoid hacking and secure your files, our video hosting includes DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, via 128-bit encryption, providing you with excellent protection for all your video content distributed via streaming. Thus, only the users identified on the platform and having access rights will be able to watch the videos. Need an additional protection? We integrate Hollywood grade DRM (Adobe PrimeTime, Apple Fairplay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady) (Adobe PrimeTime, Apple Fairplay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady) on demand.

Languages and subtitles

Internationalize your multimedia platform! Your catalog can be configured in multiple languages, allowing you to translate the information published for each language activated. Give your users a choice of multiple audio language and subtitles that are integrated directly into the video reader.

Hosting videos

We offer a turnkey service for encoding, storing and broadcasting video content. Upload your files and they will be automatically encoded and distributed securely worldwide (via a CDN network) and adaptive streaming (HLS). Already using video hosting? We natively offer modular connectors to many CDNs (AWS, Infomaniak, JWPlatform, Vimeo, Bitmovin, Libcast ...) and we can add more on request.