Broadcast your video content

Roll out your video website!
Thanks to our advanced content management system, enrich your video catalog, your product sheets, and add editorial content to improve your SEO.
You are completely autonomous in the management of your catalog and its organization.

Video catalog management

From your platform's administration panel, you can enrich your product catalog by incorporating videos. Set up categories and sub-categories to organize your catalog and create product fact sheets for each of the videos you will put online. You are free to offer access to all or part of your catalog, in line with your clients' subscriptions.

Turnkey streaming solution

Product fact sheet customization

Create a detailed fact sheet for each of the video products: select a cover image, add a description, enter the price if needed and access duration as well as the restrictions by geolocation. You can also link each product fact sheet to one or more videos, with its own information, including access rules (download, free or paid video, accessible via subscription for example).

Editorial content

You can create fact sheets (about actors, directors, tutors) which will then be linked to your product fact sheets, with images and biographies. Bonus files are also a good way to enhance your platform with never-before-seen content (documentation, making off and original score, etc.). This will make it possible for you to expand your store's editorial content while improving your search engine optimization!

Geolocation protection

In order to manage the distribution rights on your catalog, our video platform includes a geolocation system.You can restrict access rights to your online store, to specific videos, or to your entire catalog, depending on the country in which your customers are located.