Monetize your video content

Looking to monetize video content on demand? Kinow offers incredible flexibility and security for you to sell your videos on demand (VOD), with download to rent (DTR), one time fee (EST) and subscription (SVOD). You can also choose to finance your platform with AVOD.

Direct collection

All payments made by your customers on your platform go directly to your account - as we do not touch your financial streams, you will be able to keep total control over your sales. Furthermore, we do not apply any commission to the sales you make.

Turnkey streaming solution

Multiple payment methods

Maximize your conversion rate by offering your customers the payment method that suits them best: by credit card, SEPA direct debits, bank transfer, Paypal account, check, Bitcoins or any other payment methods adapted to your activity! Need a specific payment method? We natively offer the main payment modules on the market: Stripe, Paypal, Slimpay,, Payline, Securion Pay and Mercado Pago and we can add more on request.

Video distribution modes

Select, for each of your videos, the best-suited distribution method: pay per service, with a unit payment (TVOD) or subscription-based access (SVOD) that will allow your customers to enjoy a video on your platform in a definitive purchase (EST), or via temporary rental (DTR). Develop your own weekly, monthly, annual or other custom subscription options. You can increase your income with advertising (AVOD). Give free access to videos to your users, and insert ads in ad slots.

Choice of currency

Determine fine-tuned internationalization options for your operation by choosing which currencies will be supported on your video platform. This will make it possible for you to address customers in different countries, displaying your selling prices in their currency.