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How does SAJE make Christian-inspired films accessible

SAJE is a distribution company which content is available in movie theatres as well as on DVD and VOD. Its ambition is to make faith-based movies, a market which the company is dedicated to, available to the French speaking public, through various channels.

Lalaland, Lion, Christina Noble, Pursuit of happiness, Letters of Mother Teresa, St. Peter, And if the sky existed ... are only a small part of the box office films distributed by SAJE Distribution. In 2014, SAJE began its story with the distribution of the film "For Greater Glory, Cristiada" and has since continued the evangelization of its catalog.

There is an unprecedented offer of Christian-inspired films produced in many countries. In the United States most of these high-budget films come out under the label of Majors because Catholics, Protestants and evangelicals got massively into action to make the success of engaged films such as Heaven is for real ($ 102 million), Son of God ($ 71 million), or God's not dead ($ 64 million). SAJE wants to prove that there is also a real market in France.

SAJE distribution offers many access possibilities to its film's catalog. Loan licenses are granted as part of public screenings for media libraries, associations, schools or even parish halls. In addition, SAJE offers online sale of films on DVDs ( postal dispatch) and since 2018, VOD access.

Indeed, to meet a growing demand for streaming access, SAJE called upon Kinow to deploy a video-on-demand platform. This is how the site "Le-film-chrétien" was born! Movie lovers can rent a movie for a small price for several days, from different categories (Drama, Life of Saint, Bible, Animation, Comedy, Family and History).

One of the requested needs of SAJE is to offer these films in multi-track audio. Kinow's new media service responds to this demand and integrates the multilingual player during the encoding process. Thanks to an HLS broadcast, the platform " Le-film-chrétien" offers seamless, fluid and latency-free viewing for a 100% enjoyable movie night!

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  • Offer streaming access to SAJE's film catalog via a video on demand platform.


  • Monetization in TVOD
  • Broadcast in streaming
  • Customer account management
  • Functionality "Offer to a friend"
  • Multi-track audio
  • Pre-integrated payment gateways
  • Free graphic template


  • Categories sorted by genre
  • 500+ user connections per month
  • Multi-device compatible
  • Infrastructure cost reduced thanks to a turnkey solution

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