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How does Shellac make auteur cinema accessible

Shellac is one of the largest film production, distribution and publishing company in France. Its ambition is to uncover independent directors' films in movie theaters, DVD and VOD.

Founded in 2003, the film distribution company Shellac, strives to promote the work of new filmmakers. Ambitious, demanding and truly turned towards independent cinema, the company based in Marseille produces and distributes timeless films.

According to its director, Thomas Ordonneau, "Shellac has a different relationship to space and time" by articulating around the discovery and rediscovery of authors. The distribution of Michel Gondry's film, "An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky" was a real success and hailed by critics. Just as the movie "Tabu" by Miguel Gomes, produced and distributed by Shellac in 2012. This film was widely acclaimed by the press and during the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

"Sophia Antipolis" (the Golden Taïga price of the Russian Spirit Of Fire festival), "The Human Surge", "Un Violent Désir de Bonheur", "What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire?", "Jeune Femme" or even "Genèse" (national release in 2019)... are films that have received film awards and are distributed by Shellac. In addition to the distribution there is an important work done on the DVD edition and, since the past year, on the video on demand support.

Indeed, to meet a current demand for streaming access, Shellac called upon Kinow to deploy a video on demand platform. Film-lovers can subscribe (SVOD) or buy by unit (TVOD) and have access each month to new releases. Users can watch Shellac's latest movies or the indispensable ones in high-quality streaming, latency-free, with subtitles and choice of language. They can also favorite a movie or offer it to a friend. Through this platform, Shellac shows that there is a real desire to help first films to become known and to be visible to the public.

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  • Offer streaming access by subscription and by unit to Shellac's catalog via a dedicated platform.


  • Monetization in SVOD and TVOD
  • Broadcast in streaming
  • Customer account management
  • DRM protection
  • Multi-track audio
  • Pre-integrated payment gateways
  • Free graphic template


  • Multi-device compatible
  • Infrastructure cost reduced thanks to a turnkey solution
  • 50% of time saving for the marketing and editorial teams

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