Standard de Liège

How the Standard de liège Club trains the next generation of footballers

The Kinow solution allows Standard de Liège to highlight via a catalog of videos, the skills of its players and the high quality level of the club, in streaming.

Standard de Liège is a Belgian football club in the city of Liège, which operates in Division 1A. Founded in 1898, it has remained one of the most popular clubs in Belgium. Present in the Belgian Premier League without interruption since 1921, it is also one of the clubs that has participated in the greatest number of finals of the Belgian Cup.

Standard de Liège players are nicknamed "Reds" due to the color of their jersey. The Robert Louis Dreyfus academy at the Standard de Liège has trained many professional players, currently present in major international clubs.

The video platform offers many categories about which the user can subscribe for free or from 18 € per month, such as the technical gestures courses category, the ball control or the psychomotricity.

For this customer, Kinow has developed a feature to define on subscription access, access ranges to product categories (video sequencing). A new integration of a payment solution is also planned to allow Standard de Liège to open up to the Chinese market.

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  • Create an online sports training academy dedicated to football. The goal is to offer technical training by football professionals to a wide audience.


  • Monetization in SVOD
  • Video sequencing
  • Multi-languages including chinese
  • Collaborative management
  • Advanced viewing statistics


  • Catalog of +100 videos
  • International deployment
  • 50% of time saving for the marketing and editorial teams

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