How Streamglish helps you to become bilingual

Streamglish is an online English learning service (e-learning) based on a revolutionary method developed by MIT and Stanford researchers: the TSLL method.

This method is the most effective for learning new words, it is based on a combination of video, audio and enhanced subtitles: these are subtitles in original version (O.V) that integrate French translation of important words and sentences to acquire. This feature has been developed and integrated by Kinow.

To help its users to retain vocabulary, Streamglish has set up on its platform, for each video, 3 vocabulary comprehension and acquisition exercises, as well as a vocabulary sheet to download. Attractive and daily video content to encourage regular work on an SVOD platform.

All contents are selected for their ease of understanding (diction, accent, speed ...) and the richness of their vocabulary. The tree of categories, allows the user to choose easily its content either by level (beginner, intermediate, confirmed) or by theme ( France 24 report, US series, documentaries, sectoral videos ...).

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  • Learn English online through the combination of video, audio and enhanced subtitles.


  • Monetisation in SVOD
  • Exercise files to download
  • Subtitles and video player personalization
  • Free Kinow template


  • Adapted content for each level
  • High definition video
  • + 100 reports, movies and TV shows
  • + 500 vocabulary exercises

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