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How A Cours d'Hébreu helps you to become bilingual in Hebrew

A Cours d'Hébreu is the first e-Ulpan for French speaking wishing to learn Hebrew. The platform allows a real autonomy in the follow up of the lessons with a reinvented pedagogy.

A Cours d'Hébreu break the mould of learning with a revolutionary method. From a defined audiovisual path, it allows you to progress at your own pace, and to acquire a real Hebrew certification training. The method is simple: take courses at your own pace on video with a young, dynamic, curious, and generous tone. The method is innovative: everything is done to make things even the most difficult in the good mood with courses like TV shows.

To help its users retain long-lasting vocabulary, A Cours d'Hébreu has set up on its platform, for each video, the opportunity to download lessons in PDF and test its knowledge via elaborate quizzes. The in-depth study, is carried out by the succession of the lessons and the possibility of viewing the replay. In addition to video courses categorized into lessons, A Cours d'Hébreu also offers the online coaching service that allows you to test your oral level in Hebrew, and thus practice the language with professionals.

With the Kinow solution, A Cours d'Hébreu offers a platform compatible with any support to learn anywhere on the move. 100% secure payment modules are included to allow the recurrence of user subscriptions. The "Video Bookmark" feature allows you to keep track of your favorite lessons. Users who want to give a friend a subscription can also do so through the "offer to a friend" feature.

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  • Introduce the first Ulpan (Hebrew Intensive Learning Institute) in the form of an e-Learning to access video courses exclusively online.


  • SVOD access
  • No engagement
  • Online quizzes
  • Download PDF lessons
  • Video lessons
  • Free Kinow Template


  • + 6,000 subscribers
  • + 1, 000,000 views
  • High streaming definition
  • + 40 hours of videos dedicated to Hebrew
  • Adapted content for each level

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